Minding Your Financial Monkeys in 2013

Monkeys are very similar to us in many ways. Most have ten fingers and ten toes and brains much like ours. We enjoy watching them because they often act like us…and probably vice versa sometimes!

Minding Financial Monkeys…

Pretend that your bills are financial monkeys who are behaving badly and you have dedicated some time to sorting things out with them.

Some of the monkeys have very demanding owners and even the smallest monkey knows how to scream and shout so minding them can often be challenging and stressful.

Some rules in making decisions on how to get them to behave helps because responding to the noisiest monkey or the most attentive owner can lead to financial mistakes that can hurt you.

The good news is that the rules for minding monkeys are very simple;

financial monkeys should either be fed or shot but never starved!

Using The Rules…

Feeding depends on what food is available, what is the monkey hierarchy bearing in mind, this hierarchy can change from time to time.

You will have superior knowledge and know the financial monkeys who have the highest priorities even allowing for some awkward owners.

Shooting the financial monkeys is often desirable but obviously the extreme option and definitely needs the owners input!

Shooting is giving the monkey back to the owner without any further responsibility for its welfare.

Sometimes its wise to shoot a smaller monkey that needs more attention than it deserves.

Starving monkeys is never a good option because they just get noisier and more demanding. Their owners also get upset and then more than likely will become annoyed and want to visit!

Feeding correctly is getting all monkeys sitting quietly at the same time!

What Next…

Think about your bills as being these noisy financial monkeys that you have been asked to mind and whose watchful owners are never far away.

Use feeding, shooting and never starving as the the rules for keeping them under control, sitting quietly and their concerned owners happy and out of sight

Monkey Talk…

These  financial monkeys can join the other three famous monkeys that see, hear or speak no evil. There is also monkey business and get the monkey off your back and the last word on monkeys for now is…

Don’t let your finances make a monkey out of you!

Kind Regards



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