Pension Planning

Pension planning is a very tax efficient method of investing now to have an income in the future. This helps ensure that funds are available to do all the things you like and now have the time to do.

Government & Revenue Support

It is a fact that pension planning is encouraged by the Government, for example, tax benefits;

  1. Tax Relief on Pension contributions.
  2. Tax Free return on investments.
  3. Tax Free lump sums.
  4. Tax relief and benefits options post retirement

We can help you bridge your income gap in retirement with a tax efficient pension plan.

Pensions Set-Up

We follow the steps below and can usually claim all available tax benefits which helps to build your pension fund quickly:

  1. Starting Point?
    The total potential income at retirement from all sources.
  2. Planning Information & Considerations?
    Current Income. Potential Salary Increases. Age Next Birthday. Selected Retirement Age. Value of any pension from previous employment.  Pensions plans currently being paid.What are the likely entitlements to a State Pension?
  3. Target Income & Investments?
    Budget for the pension plan; taking all of the above into consideration what is the likely target income for retirement and how will any available budget be invested.