It is a reasonable assumption that one or more financial milestones will happen and there is a very good chance that many of us will have to negotiate all of them. These would include engagement, marriage, a house,  new arrival, college, retirement  and finally to inheritance tax planning.

The cash to fund these can be a combination of savings from regular income; any bonus that may have been earned; short term loans (excluding mortgage); maybe an inheritance at some time.

Rarely is there a surplus of regular income from your own and spouse / partner available to take care of everything and pay all of the regular bills as well. However with good financial planning and balancing the books between need to have and nice to have spending, most of us will find some way to negotiate all of the financial challenges successfully.

Even with the best planning, statistics show that the biggest challenge to achieving these financial milestones is loss of income caused by serious illness or premature death. Like all other challenges that come along in life, these can be overcome by some forward thinking and planning to protect your future income. Many people have found that Life Insurance is the best, least expensive and most flexible way to ensure that these important life time events and the cash that is required to fund them is available come what may.

We always encourage our customers to make a positive planning decision and dedicate some of their financial planning budget towards protection planning. We can help you find the best plan and with our best advice and access to all Life insurance Companies we ensure you have the right choices available and make the best decisions for you and your families future.

Cover for serious illness can be included with the Life Insurance quotation. There are a number of options to consider. Advice on this is also available during a consultation and needs analysis meeting PGM’s expert advice and quality service will help you negotiate financial challenges whenever they come along.